How to become a lawyer

The world will always need lawyers, and as such entering into the legal profession can be one of the best ways to ensure that you have a secure job for life. Becoming a lawyer involves plenty of hard work, and a good education is essential. Below you will find a helpful guide to getting an education and becoming a lawyer in a country such as the US.

Getting a college degree

A college degree is almost always a requirement if someone wants to work as a lawyer. Many people choose to take law at college, however plenty of successful lawyers actually studied a different topic (such as history) at college before going on to train as a lawyer.

Going to law school

Once you have secured your college degree, going to law school is the next step if you want to become a lawyer. Even if you studied law at college, you will still need to attend law school and pass the final exams in order to qualify as a lawyer. For a list of good law schools in the US, take a look here:

Getting a place in a law firm

When it comes to working in a law firm, you need to be prepared to start at the bottom and work up. It may take a couple of short apprenticeships before you land a permanent position. But, every bit of experience that you gain in the process is very valuable.