3 Common fields of law

lawbookAfter successfully completing a law degree, graduates are faced with many options. Below is a summary of those popular areas available for law graduates.

Family Law

Family law is an area that deals with the legal issues that involve families including divorce, maintenance, custody of children and the sharing out of assets and liabilities because of impending divorce. This area of expertise also includes adoption, parental rights, paternity issues as well as child neglect and child abuse.This can be a very stressful field of law and the legal team should be well versed in litigation as well as excelling in negotiation!

Criminal Defence

Criminal defence lawyers represent those members of the general public and organisations that have been charged with an offence. As cases in this field can often be very complex, lawyers working in this field need to have excellent written and oral skills and they must also have outstanding persuasive skills to enable them to convince a jury their client is innocent.

Employment Law

Again, Employment Law is a vast area and it can be very stressful and varied. It is mainly concerned with the rights and obligations of both the employee and the employer. Rights and responsibilities in the workplace, unfair dismissal, unsocial working hours, dress code, fixed term work, zero hours contracts and time off for dependents are just a few of the areas covered.


Nowadays, compensation seems to be ‘big business’ and on everyone’s mind. Everyone seems to think they are due some sort of compensation! Hence, there are many lawyers out there that will readily fight your case!Many legal companies offer a “no win no fee” menu and tout for business with unsolicited phone calls and e-mails.